Why You Should Give Your Wife a Good Vagina Massage

Men have always wondered what’s the best thing to make a woman happy sexually. It’s a known fact that a lot of woman struggle to reach orgasm through penetrative sex alone. While women love penetrative sex but the key to their utmost satisfaction lies somewhere else. The answer is “vaginal massage”. It’s like massaging the back or foot but since vagina is a more sensitive area, the effect is really orgasmic. Your lady can perform the massage herself but things would be more romantic and sensual if you take up the baton.

Why is vaginal massage so amazing?

Vaginal massage involves massage of the tissue and muscles inside vaginal canal. Women hold a huge amount of emotion and tension in their vaginal tissues. So, when you massage the area, the muscles and fibers there feel kind of relaxed and at peace. It automatically heightens a woman’s sense of pleasure and helps her to attain orgasm more effectively.  You can massage vagina with your hand or else you can also use a massager vibrator.

Benefits of vaginal massage

Also known as “Yoni massage”, vaginal message promise a range of benefits for the woman and also her overall sex life.

No risk of painful sex

First, it helps to eliminate risks of painful sex. A lot of women experience huge pain while having sex. A major reason here is pelvic tension. If your pelvic floor is hurt or aching or there is some hidden pain there, it’s usual to feel pain while having sex. A great session of vaginal massage helps to relax the pelvic floor which naturally calms down the pain. Thus, when a woman receives regular vaginal massage, she happily enjoys a painless sex. It not only benefits her but keeps her partner happy as well. You can’t ever cherish your love life or sex life if your woman is in pain every time you go for intercourse. It will prevent you from attempting any act of penetration with her which might hamper your sex life and your overall chemistry with her.

Vaginal massage keeps your woman comfortable and pain-free during sex. This way, she will be more receptive of intercourse with you or any other sexual action. Your love life will bloom and bring you too even closer.

Stronger orgasms

This is one of the most amazing benefits of pampering your woman with a solid vaginal massage. A lot of women have reported of experiencing more frequent and stronger orgasm following vaginal massage. As mentioned previously, vaginal massage releases tension from vagina. When your body is tensed, it’s difficult to attain orgasm. On the other hand, when you are relaxed, it will be easier to feel aroused and reach orgasm. As vaginal massage takes a woman to a relaxed state, she tends to attain orgasm faster and in a more effective way.

Physical benefits

Vagina massage not only improves the sexual health of a woman but helps to enhance her physical health as well. According to experts, vaginal massage is able to treat a number of health conditions that affect pelvic floor or a woman’s genitals.

Some women may experience back pain or headaches from physical injury or stress. It’s the same with pelvic pain. The pelvic muscles tend to develop tension as an outcome of anxiety or trauma which can end up in excruciating pain for a woman. Regular sessions of vaginal massage will help to relieve this pain and tension effectively.

Here is a list of physical benefits that you will experience with vaginal massage:

  • Reduced pain in pelvic floor
  • Enhanced physical sensation
  • Improved lubrication in the vagina that will further assure a pain-free easy sex
  • Improved blood circulation in the area
  • Enhanced vitality and energy
  • Enhanced confidence and self-awareness

The bottom-line is vaginal massage will keep your woman happy and relaxed. And for a true man, a happy wife or girlfriend is always pure bliss. It is also extremely helpful if you use an accessory to perform the massage like vibrators or vaginal massager.  Check out lovegasm sale & deals on the best massagers available.

Best vibrators for vaginal massage

As mentioned previously, massage vibrators would be wonderful to pamper your lady with a mindblowing vaginal massage. Here is a brief on the top most vibrating massagers that you may count on.

Crave Duet

Don’t go by the size, the Duet is an ultra-powerful vibrator massager for an excellent vaginal massage session. Its unique design surrounds the clit and curved tips promise solid dose of intense massage down under. It will help you to awaken her senses and make her moan in delight as you keep on massaging her vagina with the toy. Besides, the Duet is also known for its super-quiet operation which means a very classy affair. The only sound you will get here is that of your lady crooning in delight when you pamper her with a strong vaginal massage.

Emma Vibrator by Svakom

You have a lovely pink massager vibrator here which your woman will love right from its first look. Its rounded tip allows invigorating vibrating stimulation that keeps her vagina happy. Besides, its rabbit head can be used to target particular erogenous zones to take the massage game-play to a whole new level. Besides, if you are fond of temperature play, there is good news. The toy allows easy heating function to take your temperature play sessions to a whole new level.

Smart Wand by Lelo

You have an elegant and sexy wand here that your partner will love to play with. The wand assures intense and earth-shattering orgasms in just a few strokes. Besides, the toy is completely waterproof. So, if you are planning to give her the massage while in shower, this toy would be the most befitting for you both.

Magic Wand

This is a highly powerful massager wand which will help you to make your partner happy with a solid vaginal massage. There are 4 pulsation patterns and 4 speed levels to customize the massage session as per the lady’s own preferences. Mention must be made of its silicone head. For those uninitiated, silicone is hypoallergenic and hence entirely body-safe.