Sex toys suits him best

There’s a common misconception that adult toys are just for women. However, men can also use them for various purposes. From cock rings to prostate massagers, you can find numerous products online and in physical stores. We’re here to bring you a bit closer to some of them. So let’s jump right in.

Cock rings

Some of the most popular sex toys for men are cock rings. Although they don’t need to have any specific purpose aside from looking good on your penis, they’re full of benefits that can help a man have a better sex life. Penis rings are just like ordinary jewelry you put on your hands, only for your homeboy downstairs. You simply slide it over your flaccid penis and place it near the base, next to your testicles.

The major benefit of using a gadget like this is that it can help keep your dong hard and ready for more action even if you come. Once you get aroused, the ring will stop blood from leaving your genitals, making the penis erect for much longer. It’s pretty useful if you have erectile dysfunction or you just want to have more fun. You can also find vibrating cock rings that will allow for more stimulation both for you and your partner.

Penis plugs

When it comes to plugs for your penis, there are several things to be aware of. Lots of newbies to male sex toys will mistake them for urethral sounds, but they differ in both shape and size. Penis plugs are shorter, which means that you can’t reach your bladder or stimulate your P-spot with them. On the other hand, plugs have textures that can help you feel different tingling and scratching sensations, unlike sounds.

These toys are available at Lovegasm in a range of models. They can have curves and deviations that will help you increase your overall fun while playing with them. The only real downside to penis plugs is that they may not be long enough for you. But that doesn’t mean they’re inferior to urethral sounds. They’re more beginner-friendly, and if you’re looking to explore your urethra, we’d always suggest them over sounds.


Auto-masturbators are adult toys that allow you to experience automatic masturbation. Furthermore, they can help you feel like you’re fucking someone’s anus, vagina, or even mouth while enjoying a solo session. The inside of this toy is carefully crafted with velvet-like materials that replicate the feeling of penetrating another person.

The best thing about auto-masturbators is that you don’t need to do anything once you slide your cock inside. Auto-masturbators make all the motions — up and down, left and right. The texture inside provides you with all the sensations that your palm simply can’t. The fancier the model is, the more fun you get.

Some have heaters that replicate the warmth of someone’s mouth, vagina, or anus. But it’s not just about varying motions and levels of intensity. Auto-masturbators are super easy to clean, and that’s a big plus in our book. Some people use them to treat erectile dysfunction, while others just want to rest their hands once in a while.

Tenga eggs

Next up are the world-famous Tenga eggs. Brought to us by the Japanese, these egg-shaped toys come in 13 different shapes and types of sensation. Due to their unique design, anyone can stick their penis inside and have the best possible hand job. Sure enough, it’s weird to think of eggs as something sexual, but don’t be fooled. Tenga eggs are fun, exciting, and most importantly, effective.

The egg is just the casing, and the real thing is the masturbation sleeve inside. It has ridges with varying textures that you can choose depending on the model. Every one of them will make you feel like you’re having sex with a different person. Nevertheless, you pour some lube inside and swiftly slide your penis in. Also, Tengas are made of TPE, so they are body-safe and enjoyable.

Prostate massager

Similar to women, men have their sweet spot too. The prostate is a muscular gland that produces seminal fluid, which carries and protects sperm. It is surrounded by numerous nerve endings, making it perfect for sexual stimulation. As such, some men enjoy prostate massagers that help them reach a P-spot orgasm. This form of climax is much more intense than jerking off and requires anal play with sex toys like massagers.

Going through the back door with your fingers can be useful, but it’s simply not as cool as having a massive dong piercing you from behind. These toys can also vibrate, and that makes them highly effective in helping you reach a prostate orgasm. Depending on the type, you can choose from several speed patterns and levels of intensity. They have a unique shape that makes reaching the prostate much easier than with other toys.


In case you’re not familiar with these toys, you might think we’ve made a spelling mistake. However, this isn’t the case. These aren’t your regular light source devices. Fleshlights are toys that resemble vaginal and anal openings. As such, they’re made for penile insertion and sperm collection. These high-end toys have been with us since the late ’90s, but it’s safe to say they’ve come a long way since then.

Nowadays, it’s fairly common for famous porn stars to advertise their official fleshlights tailored to replicate their vaginas and anuses. This means that once you slide your homeboy inside, you’ll feel what it’s like to have sex with the lady whose name is on the package. Just like every girl out there, it will feel unique and original. They’re easy to use and clean once you’re done masturbating. You just open ‘em up and use warm water and soap.

Auto-blow machine

These blowjob machines are some of the top sex toys a lonesome cowboy could get. Auto-blows apply pressure on your penis that goes in a comfortable cock tube, or, as some call it, cock sleeve. Yet, it’s not battery-charged, and you could argue that’s a con. But once you understand how different it is to get the electrical energy directly from an outlet, you’ll have no doubts that it’s a good thing.

These oral sex simulators offer several presets of blowjob styles. The last one is usually a random option that constantly changes between the previous ones, so you won’t know what to expect once you activate it. Also, the auto-blow gadgets come with a pause button, so you can stop if you want to save your semen for another time or someone else. It’s just a perfect solution if you’re looking to experience something new and different.