It's something that we all wish we could do from time to time. 

That's exactly what happened when Scott LaFollette set off onto his journey to create Blank Slate Brewing Company. 


It started with a dream twelve years in the making...

In 2000, Scott left the corporate world behind to build a modest brewing facility from the ground up, mostly by hand. 

We brew our beers by hand, without a lot of fancy computer controlled equipment.  We believe that the soul of a beer is created with your hands, not with technology.  Our focus is on creating unique beers that have a sense of time and place for the season in which they are brewed and the ingredients used to create them.  Many of our beers are seasonal and/or culinary influenced.

Create beers that were not just the same as everyone else.  Start from the ground up with no preconceived notions of what beer should or should not be.  Start with a Blank Slate.  Think Different.  Drink Different.  And do it all for the love of the craft.