How To Choose The Best Anal Douche For You?

There are numerous instances of of sex which provides immense pleasure. Some try out BDSM or the different poses, but one of the major and widely popular sex activities is knowns as Anal sex. Some people get frightened about this aspect of sex, but it’s quite a hoax. Those who want to change their sex routine and try out different pleasurable activities opt for anal sex. Anal sex is one of the complicated yet most pleasurable sex forms. In this, you need to take immense care of hygiene.

To take care of hygiene you need some of the equipment. One of which is known as anal douche. Before delving into that directly let us know something about anal sex.

What is anal sex?

Anal sex is just the other form of sex in which people get into the activity of insertion and thrusting of the penis into the anus or rectum of the other partner. Though the size of the rectum is quite small people find this very interesting. These are some of the reasons due to which people prefer anal sex:

  • A different feeling from vaginal sex. Those who get bored of continuing the normal sex routine, try this type of sex for getting a different feel.
  • It is also preferred due to the unavailability of this because females generally find it difficult. So this not always on the menu. This is a human tendency that they crave for those things which they get after a long interval.
  • This sex form is more of a taboo. Though some people consider it weird. Some people find it quite strange to get indulge in sex from that genital which is solely responsible for defecating.

These are the three most prior reason which are the catalyst for trying this type of sex. Believe me, this is the sex form which makes you crave more

Now, we have an understanding of anal sex its the right time to know about the critical equipment or accessories which is quite mandatory for opting anal sex.

Our rectum is filled with impurities and bacteria before anal sex everybody wants to voyage in a clean sea. It is quite recommended also that if you are opting for anal sex then you should give immense care to hygiene. Getting through with this cleaning can keep you from feeling the sudden shame. Just using it for the hygiene view is ample. It provides one of the major aspects which helps in experiencing sexual pleasure.

For this cleaning, there is a tool used which is known as anal douche and the process of cleaning is known as anal douching. Let’s get a bit elaborative about this.

What is anal douching?

Anal douching is the activity that is carried about by masses to keep their rectum clean and hygienic before anal sex. The process is carried out by feeding liquid into the opening or rectum and then making it pass back while carrying out the impurities and other supposed bacteria out. The tool which is used to insert that liquid is known as anal douche.

These douches come in every shape and size. The variety of these douches can confuse you a lot to gain prior knowledge about the douches. We are providing some of the major considerations based on the attributes of these douches.

Choosing the best anal douches

When you are going to opt for an anal douche you should look for this consideration:

  • Based on their design and making based on nozzle type

When you are looking for douches based on their making then there are mainly three types of douches.

  1. Basic Anal Douches

These are the most common type of douches, which comes in a shape of bulb. It is made up of rubber or silicone which is attached to a nozzle. This nozzle can be detached from the bulb reservoir. You just have to insert it into your anus and gently squeeze it.

  1. Shower Systems

These shower based douches are designed so that it can be attached to your water faucet as an attachment. This attachment of douche stays at the end of the hose which can be inserted easily into the rectum.

  1. Water Bag Douches

These are the kind of douches, which is as same as the bulb douches, it’s just the shape is quite big and it can contain several liters of liquid. A pipe is being attached to the rubber bag which contains the liquid.

  1. Disposable Douches

These are the douches that are also based upon the classic bulb type douches. These are just smaller in size. These are preferable for those who want to carry this for a long journey or so.

Some more douches can be chosen based on nozzle type. Some of them are as follows:

  • Spray type

These douches are equipped with sprays as their nozzles. These are quite effective as the spray provides all area cleaning due to its water flow in multiple directions.

  • According to the material

The material of the nozzle plays a very important role in choosing a good douche. If the material is not up to the mark, then it may cause infection and other harm to the delicate part of your body.

  • According to the length and breadth

The size of the douche also makes a very important point as the reservoir of the douche should provide ample liquid to clean it off. Cleaning of douche is also very important.

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These are some of the douches based on making and their shapes. Those who want to get traditional douches they can opt for basic anal douches. People who prefer their facet to be used for multiple reasons, then the shower systems douche does all the work. The water bag douches are for those who want a deep clean with the use of a massive amount of liquid. The disposable douches are used for minimal time or for those who want to carry it.