About Me

Everybody calls me their little sunshine back in college. I found that weird. Maybe because I see things differently. I always see the best in any situation, and some of my friends call it running away from reality. Not for me. I just know that there is always something that you can do to be more positive and that will give you the power to solve anything.

I decided to become an online coach who provides services to those who need some advice with anything. Really, I just let them talk and jot down every possible way their situation could turn out positively. And when it’s finally time to speak, they would be amazed at how many different scenarios I came up with that would make the situation better.

I feel that I must make more people happy because of the sad world we live in. There are so many happy pictures but sad faces. Let me share you some articles you can read that I hope that they apply to your situation. Cheer up!